You are all done!    With practice this procedure takes about 15 minutes.

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  Thank you for reading and hopefully this has helped you!

                                               Add Boot Repair to USB Install Drive

In the terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair

When the copy is done you have a drive set up with Ubuntu that is ready for your customer, EXCEPT MISSING GRUB BOOTLOADER.
Please refer to install grub boot loader to make your newly set up drive bootable.

You can just click no to removable drive.

                                                       Create USB install drive

Download the latest Long term install ISO here:

Use Startup Disk Creator to make it. Click on top left icon on launch bar and type .... start ...and you will see it.

Right click on the first partition and select copy.

Now click on top and select your destination sdb.
Right click on the unallocated space and select paste.

In the partition editor click on the top where you see - /dev/sda
You will see all the hard drives connected to the computer, which should be sda your master and sdb the destination.
Click on the sda and you will see the partiton layout of your master. Click on sdb and you will see the layout of the destination.

Computer Software: Ubuntu Drives

Make extended partition if you need it.

                                  Clone the master drive to the destination drive
On your work computer:

  1. Connect your master drive to sata number 0, so that it will be allocated as sda.
  2. Connect your destination drive to the next SATA connector and it will be sdb.
  3. Plug the Ubuntu USB install drive in a usb port.
  4. Start the computer and boot it to the Ubuntu USB install drive.
  5. Click on Dash Home – top left of launcher bar.
  6. Type “par” and start Gparted Partition Editor.

Make the swap partition on the 10GB that is left

Here you can also resize the partition. Usually just make your main Ubuntu partition full size, and then change the free space following to your desired swap partition size. I usually make the swap partition 10 GB.

Place drive in any computer and it will start and run as if it was always there except possible proprietary drivers.

To find out if you have proprietary drivers, you do this:

Click on Dash Home, top left, and type dri and click on Additional Drivers.

Drivers needed

                                                            Install Grub
Now you must add the grub boot loader to make your new drive able to boot up. Click on the top icon on the launcher bar and type in ..... boot ...... and click on Boot Repair.

Before pasting the main partition enlarge it leaving 10GB for swap.

When you have the required layout you want, click the green arrow at the top to start the copy.

Place grub on sdb and click Apply.

Home Computer 

Now you want to copy all the partitions from Sda to Sdb except the swap and extended partitions which you create separately.
Click on top and select your master sda.

                                                      Create the Master Drive

Install the latest Ubuntu long term support. At this writing it is 14.04 64bit. 16.04 is the next one out in April. We will not go into detail here as there are many places on the web that explain the basic install. You can use a regular hard drive. For faster speed you can use an SSD .

2. Update your master drive with all the programs you feel fit your situation. Don't forget Java and Flash music players games utilities such as 7zip and DVD burning programs. You want to install a good variety that will cover every kind of user. Do not install anything that is copyrighted, open source only as it could cause you legal problems.

3. Keep the drive clean of personal data and web history. Your customers want it to look like a new set up that no one has used. You can add a song in the music folder to demo the music player but use one that is not copyright such as an old classical.

4. Once your master drive set up is done you need to shrink the main partition to about 2 GB larger than the data on it. You want to do this because a smaller partition is much faster to copy and saves you a lot of time. Use partition editor to do this. Click on dash home – type par – click on Gparted Partition Editor See section on Partition Editor

No drivers needed

Requirements for this procedure

  1. A computer tower that can handle more than 3 drives, optical or USB drive,master hard drive, and destination hard drive. You can copy as many drives as you can connect at the same time, making it faster to duplicate.
  2. Ubuntu Install USB drive and add the Boot Repair to it.
  3. Master hard drive set up with your prefered version of Linux, we recommend the latest long term version of Ubuntu. Please see section on setting up your master drive.
  4. A Blank hard drive or one you can erase. To create multiple drives at the same time you can use different size drives, they do not need to be the same size.
  5. Boot repair disk or process to install grub bootloader on your newly created hard drives. See section on installing grub. Best way is to use the  Ubuntu USB install drive with the Boot Repair on it.

You can just click Recommended repair to place grub on all drives. Click on advanced options to place grub on one drive.


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Leave 10GB for swap then click paste.

First click on /dev/sdb so you see it in the bottom pane.
Now click on Device in the top panel and on Create Partition Table. This will add the proper partition table and ERASE THE DRIVE, so be sure it is what you want and not your master ! You might need to right click any swap file and turn it off and unmount any mounted partitions.

To place grub on one drive only Click on Advanced options as above.

Change boot drive to sdb.

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These help files are created with the goal in mind that they will facilitate the successful operation of a computer store that uses Ubuntu as the main operating system.
With these procedures, you will learn how to clone a Ubuntu drive enabling you to completely set up a computer in less than 15 minutes.

This means that you can do computer repairs for customers while they wait and set up computers for sale quickly.

Please note that using these procedures for microsoft products is not legal as microsoft will not allow the cloning of windows. Please protect yourself from legal action from microsoft. DO NOT USE micosoft products. They will sue you if you use these procedures for their products.

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