DASH HOME - Search your computer and online sources
..... the icon at the top of the left launcher bar:

You can start any program or device, just type what you want.

Examples are:

  • sol ..... to get solitaire
  • mah ..... to get Mahjong
  • tre ..... to get the game Tremulous
  • pri ..... to get printing to install a printer
  • cam .... to get the camera program - camorama

To install programs in Ubuntu:
1. Main installer Click on ---> Ubuntu Software Centre on the left launcher bar.

2. Synaptic Package Manager

  • Click on Dash Home on the launcher bar and type in “pac” click on Synaptic Package Manager
  • Type the name of the program you want in Quick Filter or scroll down the list of programs.
  • Right Click on the program you want and click Mark for installation.
  • Click on Apply. The program will be downloaded from the internet and installed automatic.
  • To remove a program just click on the check mark to make the box empty and click Apply.

Popular Programs used in Ubuntu:
VLC or Amarok or Rhythmbox ---> music program --- Play mp3's and listen to radio
Ktorrent or Qtorrent ---> file sharing
Firefox ----> browse the internet also Google Chrome is good
Thunderbird ----> email program
Gimp --------> Image editor like Photo Shop Also LibreOffice Draw
Brasero or K3b ------> Burn dvd's or cd's or copy disks
Gnome PPP ---> program for dialup modems to connect to internet
LibreOffice ---> Write letters --- database --- spreadsheet --- presentations
Tremulous ---> Voted best free online game – like quake arena but online --- awesome
Also for gamers --- OpenArena, freedoom , Sauerbraten
Kmess ---> MSN messenger, Emesene for msn, kopete ---> msn, icq, yahoo messenger and others
xchat ---> IRC online chat rooms
playonlinux ----> install windows programs such as World of Warcraft and Diablo


Right Click on centre of desktop ---> Change Desktop Background
Click on the one you want. To add more pictures click on the + and browse to the picture you want.

Click on ---> Dash Home: Type in scr and click on Screensaver.

To Install a printer (no disks required):

  • Check computer and printer are powered on and plugged into computer with a usb cable.
  • Click on ---> Dash Home (top left), type print and click on “printing” to add your printer or test it.
  • If driver does not work, Google search: “Install [your printer model] Ubuntu”.
  • Newer printers might need the driver downloaded.

If you have wireless networking:
Click on the network icon in the top right menu bar. A list will display the available wireless networks. If you don't see a list of wifi connections, click on “Enable Networking” to remove the check mark; then re-click it to re-add the checkmark. This will refresh the list. Click on the name of your router. Your wifi network password is your personal password that you use to access your router.

To check if your high speed internet is working:
Right click on the network icon at the top right on the task bar. Click on “connection information.” If the ip addresses are all 0's then it is not connected. If you have address numbers in most areas, it is connected. Be sure that Enable Networking and Enable Wifi is checked.

To get to the Terminal (basic users may not need this):
Dash Home ---> type in ter and click on Terminal

The Terminal is like Dos where you can run commands, but much more powerful. Here you can do maintenance and repairs on your system as well as install any program with apt-get.

Read and copy files to-from other operating systems:
If you have another partition or a drive plugged into the usb port you can easily read that data.

Click on Home Folder (the file cabinet on the launch bar) Under Devices you will see all the available devices and partitions. Click on the one you want. You can now read or copy the files.

Dial up with a modem:
Gnome-ppp is the program to dial internet with a dial up modem.

  • Click on Dash Home and type in ppp
  • Click on Gnome-ppp ---> Click Connect if it is already setup.
  • To install a modem ---> Setup -----> detect
  • Type in your username and password and the phone number of your internet provider. Then click connect.

Home Folder:
The home folder is very important in Ubuntu. It is similar to My Documents in windows. All files, pictures, and documents you save should go there. Everywhere else is protected by the Ubuntu system and you may not be able to access files anywhere else-- which makes it much more secure!

Help and How To

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For new users who want to learn how to use the basics of Ubuntu.

Tip:  How to pronounce Ubuntu

  • oo-boon-too

How to use a computer with Ubuntu

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For more help on how to use UBUNTU

click on Dash Home and type: Help

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